One Step at a Time

with Natalie Erdmann Burton

The word “labyrinth” may conjure up interesting images in your mind— from man-eating minotaurs to David Bowie—but did you know that the labyrinth is an ancient archetype found in many different countries and cultures across the world? Profound in its simplicity, the labyrinth has the ability to turn a simple walk into a masterclass on staying present, staying open, and letting go.Natalie started embroidering finger labyrinths in 2017- not long after walking a full size labyrinth for the first time. The embroidered labyrinths quickly became popular with her children and a common tool and metaphor for handling big feelings in their home. Natalie is excited to offer One Step at a Time to children of all ages looking for insight as they walk through life.Natalie is also a birth doula, a wardrobe designer for stage and film, and a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator. She lives in Mapleton, Utah with her husband, five kids, and the labyrinth they built together.